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Image by Damon Casarez for The New York Times

A HUGE congratulations to Los Angeles based artist and MCAC’s 2015 Visiting Juror, Ramiro Gomez, for his recent feature in the August 14 issue of the New York Times!

“For my own part, I often wondered about the collectors. What did they imagine they were buying when they acquired one of his pieces and took it home, usually to a place where, chances were, it was going to end up being dusted and cleaned by exactly the sorts of domestic workers depicted within it?” – Lawrence Weschler, The New York Times.

Click here to read the whole feature.

Ramiro was in Birmingham this past April juring the 32nd annual art show, where he gave out awards to 24 talented exhibiting artists as well as to student artists participating in the High School Sculpture Project competition. His work was also the featured image on the 2015 poster created by Scott Miller of longtime design sponsor, Miller Communications. Scott is also an MCAC board member, avid art collector, and spearheaded our efforts to bring Ramiro south for the downtown art festival. We loved having him with us at the festival, and are excited for this big spotlight on the national scene.

Watch a great short documentary about Ramiro, his work and process. Click here.

Ramiro, pictured on far right with Best of Show artist Samuel Yao to his immediate left, and other talented artists he honored with awards on April 24-26.

41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024