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Over the years, Magic City Art Connection has recruited some wonderful and noteworthy festival jurors from a diverse collection of respected art professionals and influencers including artists, gallerists, museum curators, art critics, educators, and collectors. Below is a comprehensive list of these talented art figures who have lent their eye and knowledge to giving out nearly a half million dollars in juried awards over the last 33 years.

PAST JURORS (1984-2016)

2016 Paul Kremer, Houston, TX

2015 Ramiro Gomez, Los Angeles, CA

2014 Caroline Taylor, Montgomery, AL

2013 Bayete Ross Smith, New York, NY

2012 Jiha Moon, Atlanta, GA

2011 Matt Chambers, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Dan Tague, New Orleans, LA

2009 Skylar Fein, New Orleans, LA

2008 Shana Berger & Nathan Purath, Coleman Center, York, AL

2007 Ron Platt, Hugh Kaul Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art, BMA

2006 Rick Lowe

2005 Louise Shaw

2004 Dr. Jerry Cullom

2003 Scott Stephens

2002 Brett Levine

2001 Lorenzo Pace

2000 Paula & Russell Panczenko

1999 Lisa Sette & Joseph M. Segura

1997 Gronk & John Wetenhall

1996 Peter Boswell

1995 Kim Abeles

1994 John Scott & David Gilhooly

1993 Gianfranco Mantegna

1992 Mel Edwards & Helen C. Frederick

1991 Jerry Beck & Jo Tartt

1990 Jo Hanson & Stephen Young

1989 Cam Newell

1988 Fay Gold & Michael Lucero

1987 Tom Butter & Vicki Kopf

1986 Jane Kessler & Hollis Sigler

1985 Elaine Horwitch & Harvey K. Littleton

1984 Paul Brach & Ivan Carp

41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024