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participating schools

Alabama School of Fine Arts
Hoover High School


The shapes and shifting of birds in flight; gliding, soaring, swooshing, flapping, murmuring – Contemporary artists such as Alexander Calder, Doug Taylor, ENESS, Chico MacMurtrie, to name a few, have explored and utilized birds and flight in their kinetic sculptures and installation works, experimenting with conceptual and sculptural possibilities, visually sublime and technically intriguing.


Utilizing connective materials, color, pattern, and structural armature, create a large-scale, kinetic sculpture and/or installation – a visual experience of flight incorporating movement and height.

For this project, students will use recycled / up-cycled / repurposed materials to create a kinetic sculpture or installation that is innovative, creative, unique and responsive to its surroundings. Each sculpture must be made primarily of recycled materials, although any additional purchased materials may be used to provide structural support or embellishment.

In addition, 2023 is Alabama Tourism’s Year of Birding in Alabama – What unusual or obscure birds are observed by birders in Alabama and where are they most likely to be observed? How can the answers to such questions inform the subject matter and details of project?


41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024