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“ZAPP Beauty Power form”

2024 participating schools & SCULPTURE TITLES

Alabama School of Fine Arts – “Lightning in a Bottle”
Altamont School – “Turmoil of the Mind”
Homewood High School – “Synergy”


Throughout history lightning has symbolized speed, power, and danger – and sometimes exciting
fun. Conceptually, symbolically, and realistically, contemporary artists such as Walter De Maria,
Ugo Rondinone, Jonathan Borofsky, Michael Nelson Jagamara, and Joseph Beuys, to name a few,
have explored and utilized lightning in their sculptures and installations, experimenting with the
structural and conceptual possibilities, visually powerful and technically intriguing.


Utilizing connective materials, color, pattern, and structural armature, create a large-scale,
sculpture and/or installation – a visual representation or an experience of LIGHTNING.
For this project, use recycled, up-cycled, and repurposed materials to create a static or kinetic
sculpture or installation that is innovative, creative, unique, and responsive to its surroundings.
Each sculpture must be made primarily of recycled materials, although additional purchased
materials may be used to provide structural support or embellishment.

projects will consider

LIGHTNING as concept, symbol, and/or realistic form
Thematic sculpture in art history and design
Contemporary public sculpture
Recycled and found materials utilized for new forms


41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024