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art classes for adults

Why should kids have all the fun at Imagination Festival? Collectors Classroom is back in 2023, offering adults the opportunity make art at Magic City Art Connection. Birmingham artists and instructors will be presenting a series of 2 hour educational art classes in a variety of mediums at the Festival.

Sign up today! Limited seats available in each class.


Saturday, April 29, 2023
Sunday, April 30, 2023


$50 Classroom Fee – includes all art making supplies

Collectors Classroom 2023

saturday, april 29 art classes

11:30aM – 1:30pM
Landscape Abstraction with Madison Faile

In this workshop we will embark on a crash course in painting an abstracted landscape from imagination. Participants will get to play with color and form as we build our landscape together. We will also discuss composition and color theory.

2:30pM – 4:30pM
Softcover Sketchbooks with Kyle Holland

This class will introduce participants to the fundamentals of bookbinding as well as the tools and techniques to make simple, softcover books. Participants will learn how to fold paper, punch holes, and sew with proper tension to make a Japanese-style, multi-section book. We will cover ways to embellish our books using pochoir, a stencil-based printmaking process that can be executed with no equipment. The final product will be a handbound book to use as a sketchbook or journal and the knowledge to make more. No prior experience required.

SUNDAY, april 30 art classes

11:30am – 1:30pm
Mixed Media Drawing with Darius Hill

Mixed Media Drawing exercises will encourage participants to take risks, to step outside their comfort zone. We will explore drawing through the use of non-traditional media and processes such as transfer techniques and paints. Participants will be encouraged to employ skills as a means for personal expression involving imagination, intuition, and personal insight. Our main goal is to encourage each participant to create personal artistic interpretations of a given subject.

11:30am – 1:30pm
Build Your Own Bot with Diana Vest

Participants in this workshop will build their own one of a kind blockhead, with swiveling head and dangling arms and legs, and add a unique face using materials provided and leave with a fun and unique little robot!

2:30Pm – 4:30pm
Serigraph & Marble Printing with Hannah Mills

In this quick dive, participants will learn the basics of silkscreen printing, in addition to marble printing techniques adding more life to what would technically be a one color print.

Proceeds Benefit:

Magic City Art Connection is a 501c3 non-profit festival and sole recipient of all funds received through grants, donations, fees, ticket revenues and in-kind support. MCAC shares a connection and pride with our supporters in creating Birmingham’s largest spring art festival, a nexus for art, artists, tastemakers, cultural organizations, schools, and more. Generous supporters generate these rich artistic connections, and in turn, create a solid arts legacy for our community while keeping our non-profit stable and part of the arts and cultural landscape of Birmingham and the region. It never gets old remembering this meaningful achievement.  Thank you!

41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024