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Fiber | Leather
Hartford, WI

Wolf Leathers simple, yet timeless designs stem from a passion for leather and color. In 2019, Wolf Leathers began creating out of a spare bedroom using leather sourced from a local tannery in Milwaukee, WI. Having been in the leather industry for several years prior, we developed a symbiotic relationship with the tannery allowing us to handpick hides that specifically have imperfections; leather that is normally cast aside. We started incorporating these imperfections into our work while using bright colors of thread to accent the piece. Small, bright pops of color in our sewing became what our customers recognized us for. In the last half of 2020, we shifted our focus to not only sewing with colorful, vibrant patterns, but also creating products out of colorful leather.

Incorporating imperfections from the hides along with vibrant, colorful accents allowed us to create individuality in our pieces. The individuality of each piece we create gives each item a personality. When a customer with a matching personality purchases one of our pieces, it continues the spread of our original passion.

While we have now outgrown a single bedroom, we continue to create all our products out of our home in Hartford, WI. We continue to handpick each hide from our local tannery, cut and sew each product by hand, and create one of a kind pieces in the hope of finding passionate owners.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024