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Sylacauga, AL

As an artist I want to express new ways of seeing typical everyday subjects through bold, bright and often times whimsical concepts. My style is colorful and graphic with notes of typography which aid the viewer in reaching basic conclusions while at the same time providing room for interpretation. Fine Art Done Boldly is my artistic mantra and it serves me well.

In addition to finding new ways of telling real life stories in the form of products, objects and commercial icons I like to adapt my work to poetic themes. Much of my art, although seemingly simple and having an “at face value” sense of interpretation about it actually has deep literary undertones and hidden poetic meaning. I have been a student of literature and with my art I now have a platform to express literary concepts in the 2 dimensions.

Due to the fun and eye-popping energy of my art I feel I have created something for all generations of life and for all ages. Eyes were meant to see a full spectrum of color and I want my art to do its part to stimulate people’s sense of artistic visual awareness while at the same time speak to the viewers deeper desire to understand and discover some of life’s vast underlying meaning – but that is for the view to find.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024