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Warrenville, IL

As an acrylic painter, I use my soft bristle brushes to tell a story of love and pride in vivid, contrasting colors and strong whimsical line work. I portray a love for life and the magnificent creations this world has to offer, and love of the diverse array of people that occupy our spaces and the relationships they enter into. In my work I celebrate pride in the communities we come from and live in, and pride in ourselves, embracing who we are in bold fashion.

In the 20+ years that I have been exhibiting and selling artwork, it has been a privilege for me to paint for many homes and businesses in the form of canvas paintings and murals. Many of these pieces have been custom as I always strive to find ways to meet the specific needs of my clients. In addition to my original acrylic paintings, I offer prints on paper or stretched canvas using the giclee printing process. Giclee prints are available for over 100 of my paintings in various sizes. Fascinated with the infinite possibilities of color, I am always integrating new color schemes into my work. An indicator of when a piece of mine was created can often be found in the color scheme of that piece. I do not limit myself to one theme in my work- the zest for life that my work embraces is the only overarching subject matter. While I am inspired by so much I see in the world around me, inspiration to me is not a calling to recreate that which I already find beautiful; instead it is an influence on my vision- calling me to create something new.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024