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Steinhatchee, FL

Michael Zavison and Melanie Rolfes are a collaborative team. Their work is atmospheric abstract. The size of the steel plates and the complexity of the chemical process require the hands two artists. Each one of a kind piece starts out as a ten foot long plate of steel. Then it is cut to the desired size. The flat piece is then bent into the shape, some are flat, some are folded, and some are curved. Once the oils are removed the etching process can begin. Etching materials vary in chemical make up. Some are salts others are minerals. These actually burn into the steel face and create a unique colorization. To achieve long-lasting works that look as if time and nature have been at work, theirs is a process of marrying new technology to older knowledge and endless, inventive experimentation. When talking about how a new piece comes to life, they’re both quick to say that there is no set way, one of us says, “hey! I have an idea”, and the two are off and running.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024