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2D Mixed Media | 3D Mixed Media
Hartselle, AL

2-D MM
Hartselle, AL

My medium of choice is 2D mixed. It allows me to draw upon the best of many worlds. One may find a variety of materials in my work. My favorite is the use of a plaster and putty mixture of my design, mixed with a bit of sawdust collected while building my boards. I frequently incorporate pages from antique books and dictionaries into my work – drawing upon words found on the pages to further define or support the spirit of the piece. One will also often find tar, tarpaper, repurposed/recycled wood, rusted wire, and other materials in my work. The paint I prefer is acrylic. It allows me to work fast and challenges me to process thoughts quickly. I also enjoy layering and the ability to quickly change as the piece speaks to me. I appreciate the rules of the color wheel. I use them when I can, but break them when I should – after all, the spirit cannot be confined.

What It Means To Me
For me, art is a continuous growth opportunity. The emotions are both wonderful and perplexing. To be able to create a piece that connects with a viewer is very satisfying. To hear the viewer express the spirit that I see in the piece is fulfilling, to hear them insert their personal experiences and expand on that spirit…priceless. To me, my art is a book of life opened and waiting to be shared…technical, metaphysical, philosophical, emotional…Art is my favorite language.


2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024