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2D Mixed Media | 3D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL

3D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL

Artist Statement
I am captivated by the tedium that consumes day-to-day life.  The days stretch out endlessly in all directions each one a near mirror image of the last. In the grip of this bland continuum, the significance of individual actions begins to fade. However, with the passing of time every mundane act links to the ones that came before. The moments amass, disguising the individual as a fragment of some complex and incomprehensible whole.

My artistic process stems from the flow of monotony. I begin my process by collecting papers, usually books, maps or envelopes; pages that have been altered by human efforts. The papers are vessels containing the knowledge and experience of many human minds. Each page is cut into strips, disfiguring its imposed message. The strips are rolled woven or wound to further abstract its origin.

Each of my sculptures begins as a single strip of paper. The process is slow, shaping each segment and adding them together one piece at a time until the fragments are lost in the emergence of the new whole. The tedium of creating each work of art parallels the tedium of day-to-day life. Looking back over the expanse of a single existence you will recall each time you brushed your teeth or drove the well traveled path to and from work, you will only see the essence of what those actions amount to.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024