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Birmingham, AL

Artist Bio
Colvin has been creating her entire life. Growing up in Arkansas and Louisiana she was surrounded by creative influences that fueled her imagination and helped shape her early work. Travel, formal education and artists workshops have developed her unique visual language that she uses in her art today. Melanie is inspired by nature and the juxtaposition of man-made objects against natural materials. The many years she worked in advertising and graphic design environments have strongly influenced her fine art. Her sculptures tell stories about the journey of life. The stories are anchored in a foundation of encaustic wax, concrete, metal and wood. Through images of aged maps, vintage paper, old photos, re-purposed wood and found objects she weaves a visual tale of the road trip of life and the choices made along the way. Her work expresses a strong sense of self and connection to the past.

Colvin has participated in many local and regional juried exhibits. Her work is in numerous private collections. She received a Cultural Alliance grant for individual artist in 2009.

She currently lives and teaches in Birmingham with her husband, two pit bulls, a parrot and a revolving menagerie cats.




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