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2D Mixed Media | 3D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL

2-D MM
Birmingham, AL

Artist Bio

I really discovered my love and passion for art as a child. During those years, the ability to be able to take all that was going on in my head and heart, filter it out through my fingertips and create a production of art brought peace to my life. It really created an escape from the real world and the constant babel that surrounded me.

I am constantly inspired from a myriad of things: conversations, fashion, music, color and form in the world that evokes emotion.

Primarily, I use acrylic, but love to experiment with other materials and mediums to create texture on canvas. I have an on-going love affair with color and like for my paintings to be bright and full of energy and passion. Speaking to that I am amazed by the process and love to see what evolves on canvas, and the serendipitous quality of the process is very exciting to me. I love that when people experience my work, it is not just a two dimensional occurrence but can be a three dimensional experience that can encompass sight and touch.

I really hope that viewers who will experience my artwork get as much pleasure from them as I do while creating them. It is truly the love and passion of my life.



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41st Annual MCAC

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