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Jamestown, IN

From my childhood in rural southern Indiana to the launch of my own custom millworking business, I have always been fascinated with the warmth and beauty of wood. Woodworking is my passion, and woodturning allows me the freedom to express my own energetic and distinct style. My artistic flair, skills acquired on the path to becoming a master millwright, my natural drive for perfection and an eye for complementary styles are some of the characteristics that contribute to beautiful end results. When 90% of my millwork customers went out of business in 2010, I decided to follow my dream of doing artwork full time.

Each creation is individually designed and fabricated, one step at a time, from the rough sawn lumber to the high gloss finish. Much of my art is produced through the process known as segmented woodturning, where many individual small pieces are cut then glued together to create a specifically designed rough form. After it is turned to its final shape on the lathe, each piece is carefully detailed with features such as hand-carvings, applied textures, and vibrant colors. All of my work is finished inside and out, top to bottom, with a process to protect the wood as well as the color, and a gloss shine. While my styles are opening new trails in some aspects, I invite others to share the journey through demonstrations or classes. I enjoy interacting with anyone who wants to further develop their own talents, and find that I always learn something from them, as well.

Woodturning is a beautiful way to repurpose lumber, which is evidenced in much of my work. To help sustain this art form for future generations, I have personally hand-planted more than 4000 seedling trees.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024