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2D Mixed Media | 3D Mixed Media
East Point, GA

2-D Mixed Media
East Point, GA

Artist Bio
Marc James Villanueva, “MJ” is a painter of contemporary mixed-media and representational abstract works on canvas or wood panel. His compositions are a fusion of color, texture and movement achieved through the application of oil/acrylic paints, crushed Pau’a seashell, recycled glass, marble, copper, paper & indigenous Hawaiian fiber.

The colorful, soothing images reveal themselves through the artist’s exploration of media and technique. Ice & Heat-fusion methods are used to create highly textured, luminescent & multi-dimensional Masterpieces.

The Aquatic world & the Spatial Universe are his inspiration! MJ’s latest works include the Olive Flowers and Vector Collections.

Marc J. Villanueva was educated at the University of Hawai’i, receiving

degrees in education and culinary arts. His training in food preparation taught him the importance of color and texture as evidenced in the delicious quality of his artwork.

With his formal education complete, Villanueva pursued a career teaching the culinary arts in Hawai’i and Atlanta public school systems. He enjoyed his time as an educator, but longed to pursue a full-time career in the creation of his own art.


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