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2D Mixed Media | 3D Mixed Media
Pearland, TX

2D Mixed Media
Pearland, TX

Artist Bio

Lisa Morales is a mixed media collage artist who creates intricate works of art out of hand painted papers. Lisa spent her early years on the performing side of the art spectrum as a professional dancer. It wasn’t until 2008, at the age of 42, that Lisa took a drawing class and fell in love with the visual side of art. Design, color, and collage classes soon followed at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas.

There are actually two processes that happen to create Lisa’s collage art. First, she paints and textures papers of all kinds. Sheet music, deli paper, book pages, recipes, hand written notes, maps, and art papers all find their way into Lisa’s paper collection. By painting her own papers, Lisa can create an unlimited palette to choose from that is full of texture and visual interest.

The second step in Lisa’s collage process, is to tear and place small pieces of paper individually in a jigsaw puzzle manner to create her main image. Many people who view Lisa’s work for the first time think it is an acrylic painting. But when they step in and take a closer look, they start to see all the different pieces of paper, sometimes as many as 1000 different papers in one piece of art.

Lisa is a member of the National Collage Society and is represented by Abbey Road/Penny Lane Fine Art for art licensing. You can find her whimsical images on puzzles, greeting cards, journals and many more gift items throughout the United States.

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