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Birmingham, AL

BACKGROUND: Anderson is a series by photographer Kris Charlery. The collection is inspired by her passion for symmetry in Wes Anderson’s films and takes its name from the maternal side of her family. This series encompasses three photo shoots: Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3. Each series loosely visually represents a different elements portrayed in the work of Wes Anderson. This series includes portraits, architectural photography, and artwork that points to what it means to explore storytelling through the framing of still photography.

STATEMENT: The Anderson series is an ode to many things that inspire my work as a
creative. The first is the visual technique of my favorite film director Wes Anderson and the
second is the closeness I feel to the Anderson name because of my Jamaican maternal family.
With this project, I grew as an artist because I allowed myself to tell the world how I believe
storytelling is a skill. It is something to be worked at, crafted honed, and shared with others.
With this Anderson project, I introduce to the world my work, ironically imperfect while it draws
themes from perfect symmetry. Enjoy.

BIO: Kris Charlery is a multidisciplinary artist originally from New Jersey. She is proficient in photography and creative direction and excels at orchestrating compelling visual narratives by drawing inspiration from a multifaceted journey. Her extensive background encompasses capturing poignant moments at House committee hearings and Senate press conferences and even documenting the solemnity of the funeral of former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Kris’s ingenuity shines through her work, embracing a spectrum that ranges from conceptualizing and scripting to capturing and editing, showcasing her mastery in non-linear editing, field photography, and the art of shooting on film.

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