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Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC
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Artist Bio

While the imagery in my art is generally subject or object oriented, the visual appearance of each piece is of most importance to me. I work from an aesthetic and intuitive approach rather than a conceptual one. Some of my work is autobiographical while some is simply based on things that interest me, such as birds. My work is derived from my life and surroundings: my observations.

My surroundings offer endless subject matter; my three dogs, two cats, my wife Peggy, the lake, the woods, birds, flowering trees, neighbors goats, the list goes on and on. My work usually starts with an observation or a quick sketch. The images that I sketch then become a leaping point for the exploration of aesthetic qualities. Mark making is the main focus in my woodcut prints, while surface and paint application are the main focus in my paintings.

In the past I painted more directly from life but now find myself working from a combination of observation, memory, and intuition.

Subjects, themes, and even concepts do materialize in my work through the passage of time. I generally can’t tell you what it is that I am working on until viewing a series of work in retrospect. With the help of hindsight it becomes very obvious what was going on in my life at that given time.

I try not to over think or over plan my work. I generally do my best work when my brain is “turned off” so to speak. I am inspired by the simplicity of idea and image addressed by genuine folk artists.

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2024 Festival

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