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Birmingham, AL

Statement: Landscapes persist, quiet and omnipotent, beyond our moments of joy and heartbreak. Skies, sunsets, water that shapes the sand, are the witnesses to our treasured hours. The edge of a forest: home- a respite.

My paintings are visual representations of moments, feelings: The shimmering ones that keep in our minds, informed by landscapes both real and internal.

Impressions of memories are captured with pigments and minerals coaxed through water on paper with brush work, surface tension, and gravity. The push and pull between controlling the paint and also relinquishing control to evaporation and movement echos the ideas that we must accept what we cannot change and try to embrace a lack of control.

Painfully ephemeral, these twinkling flashes of experiences form the tapestry of our hearts and minds. They make the story of our lives.

Bio: I received my Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Montevallo in 2003. I grew up exploring the sensuous marshes and islands on the Mississippi coast and these places are bedrocks in my visual language. I have two beautiful children, and motherhood has inspired me to explore paint as medium to express a childlike, magical view of the world. I’m in currently in love with the unexpected wild and untamable nature of watercolors.

2023 Festival

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