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McCalla, AL

In my astrophotography, I aim to capture the hidden beauty of the cosmos, unveiling the unseen splendor not apparent to the naked eye. Photography, for me, is a tangible expression of reverence and awe for the Creator, whom I call God. I seek to inspire and educate others, inviting them to experience the transcendence I have found in the grandeur of the night sky.

Jason Rice is an astrophotographer based in Birmingham, AL. He has long marveled at the universe through his interest in astronomy, ignited through attending the famous Space Camp in Huntsville as a teen. As an accomplished musician, Jason has always had an appreciation for the arts. However, he recently discovered photography, specifically astrophotography, as a passion in early 2023. This passion has already taken him to unique places across the state, country, and across the border to Canada. Through wide-field astrophotography, Jason is driven to explore the beauty of the universe, with Milky Way nightscapes as his central focus.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024