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Longwood, AL 

2D Mixed Media
Longwood, AL

Artist Statement
My artwork has been involved with such a unique style that distinctive strokes and purity of a color are prominent. Oil-pastel being major medium of an artwork, yet pre-applying Gouache on a board enables an artwork to become more vivid and conspicuous. The uniqueness of my drawings springs from my desire to utilize the space of the canvas to go beyond the usual forms of convention in art composition.

My images are obviously no realistic depictions, nor are they simply personal imaginings. Instead, I draw upon the philosophy of my Asian culture that, as the artist, I have the freedom to become one with the scenery, to feel the environment from within.

I call my style of artwork surreal impressionism. My subjects are represented with a perspective which comes uniquely from my imagination. Visualization is the pillar of my compositions. When I look at an object I see it the same as everyone else, but when I am depicting a scene as an expression of my idea of that scene, I eschew conventional perspective, I render the way light reflects off the surface of objects with strongly stroked lines, and I juxtapose objects with varying points of view, conveying movement, liveliness and energy to what are otherwise inanimate objects.

My goal is to create work with a lot of visual energy. I do not try to depict the reality of my subject, but rather my relationship to it. I create a scene that is an expression of my impressions of a place, of a moment, of a thought of a memory, of an idea.


2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024