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Marion, IL

The influences of my childhood led me to choose artistic pursuits as a career. In 1999, I received my degree in Commercial Graphic Design, from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Over the next 18 years, my days were spent listening to clients and bringing their visions to life. Although I found this to be a rewarding career, it gave me little opportunity to express my personal creative vision. The foray into traditional artistic endeavors was a way for me to unplug from technology while at the same time allowing my imagination to be free to play.

My painting process is all about a playful and unrestrained exploration of the interplay between colors and textures. The use of palette knives to apply paint in an impasto style, and the application of paint through piping tools, push my paintings into the realm of sculptural. Paper, fabric and other random elements add a bit of mixed media flair.

When creating my mixed media pieces the process is a bit different because I am assembling dry pieces of paint and paper and other random found objects. These wooden panels are usually covered in vintage encyclopedia or dictionary pages, and then the other objects are arranged on top and sealed in place with resin. I’m drawn to the idea that pieces of old paint and bits of left over items, that otherwise would have been thrown away, can be given a new life and be used to create something beautiful.

No matter where the painting leads me, I always try to express the joy and peace with which God has blessed me. By combining these ingredients, I feel that I am able to create works that evoke joy in the viewer.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024