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Harvest, AL

In 2012, I happened upon a video of two friends who unexpectedly witnessed a flock of Starlings performing an incredible sky show, called a murmuration. A murmuration forms when one starling copies the behavior of its seven neighbors, then those nearby starlings copy each of their seven neighbors, and so on until the entire group moves as one. I felt compelled to make a painting inspired by this phenomenon and have been creating swarm art in various media since. In the paintings, the swarms are made by tapping a paint brush above the canvas in order to build up layers of controlled splatter. The organic shapes that evolve often form intuitively. While the works in this series are static images, I hope to create a sense of movement and performance that captivates viewers much like a murmuration would.

Corinna Nicole received her B.A. in Art at the University of Montevallo in 2008, and in 2011 she completed her M.F.A. in Art Practice at UC Berkeley. Corinna has taught Visual Thinking and Foundation Drawing courses at UC Berkeley as well as the University of Alabama Huntsville. She has been a member of the Alabama Women‚Äôs Caucus for Art since 2016 and served as the chapter’s Communication Lead for two years. Corinna has a public studio in Huntsville, Alabama at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, the largest public arts facility in the U.S.

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024