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Brewton, AL

form + void pottery studio by c e johnson is a pottery studio in Brewton, Alabama. Johnson is interested in utilizing locally sourced (Alabama) minerals like marble, shale, basalt stone, and chalk, to create ceramic glazes and clay bodies for pottery. Due to the nature of the researched based practice, materials are processed by hand and work is made in small batches and limited runs. Johnson’s interest in local materials springs from a love of the beautiful glazes, processes, and philosophies of ancient Asian ceramic tradition. Johnson’s goal is to create similar glaze effects on porcelain in an electric kiln. The studio name, “form + void,” is inspired by this quote by Lao Tzu from the Tao Te Ching, “We mould clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that makes the vessel useful.”

2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024