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Dallas, TX

AMH & Company

Dallas, TX
[email protected]

This is “our” story – very honest, very intrenched in family, very special. 

We started with a love for wood, particularly river-recovered cypress, and time spent together. Home base is DFW –  where we get our uptown flair but work base is a small town in Louisiana – where we stay close to our southern soul. 

In a simple workshop, located on the grounds of Momma’s childhood home, we do things the real way…hands-on, with experience, passion and style. At the core of our company, is family. Momma is the best fine-finisher you’ve ever seen and oversees the final stages of each project, with a keen and experienced hand. Daddy (yes “Daddy”; I am southern, after all) keeps all the equipment current, up and running. Me, well I’m happiest when covered in sawdust, selecting just the right piece of lumber and designing my next creation. 

 We are tryly blessed and appreciate all the amazing and ever-growing support from friends, family and design professionals. Keep it coming…we are nothing if not for you!





2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024