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Germantown, TN

Germantown, TN

Artist Statement
Many years ago, I attended a shade garden seminar to gain insight into colorful plants I could nurture and grow in my wooded yard. You see, Color is an essential in my life. Rich Color!

It was at this seminar my perception of all I see around me would be forever changed by a few simple words said to me by the master gardener. He told me I must learn to appreciate shades of green and texture.

Because of those simple words, the sight through my lens now appear to me with more depth and definition of texture bringing forth richer images. I use these images to aid me in designing depth to an otherwise flat piece of glass. By layering opaque, transparent, powder and frit glasses, in a sequence of firings and cold-working, I am able to obtain texture and depth in my work.

Color is empowering for me. It enriches my life. I know many women like color but are intimidated by it. My goal in creating Elucido Glass jewelry is to offer women a bold wearable art that gives them their empowering pop of color without overstepping their comfort level. I want women to recognize and celebrate their inner and outer beauty.


2024 Festival

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41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024