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Do you have a favorite piece that you have created over the years? Describe it.

the last one, of course!

My favorite piece that I have created is a 60 x 48 contemporary landscape, called “The Pond”. It’s special to me, because it’s the first piece I painted for our new home, after our house burned. It hangs in my foyer, it’s a soft color palette, and just so calm & peaceful.

A neon piece that addressed stereotypes in Asian women.

BETH CONKLIN, Computer Generated Art
I tend to love all the pieces I create because I feel connected to the people in the vintage photographs I use. My favorite piece though would have to be one I did using a photograph of my grandmother and scans of her diary.

My favorite piece I have created over the years is an acrylic ink painting titled “Reconstructing Awareness”. I was inspired by stained glass windows, but the final product of the painting ended up reminding me of turbulent weather adjacent to peaceful sunrises. It kind of became a metaphor for my life, and when times are hard, I always think about this piece and find comfort in it.

I have three favorite pieces from books that are my top seller that everyone loves, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird. I have also made pieces using Birmingham’s “You are Beautiful” photos and that has been really popular locally.

A.L. SWARTZ, 2D Mixed Media
My favorite piece so far is called “Relics”. I made it for a solo show that I had at the Naked Art Gallery last year. I was originally going to call it “Skullgarden” after my website since it has almost all of the elements that I usually put in my paintings- skulls, crystals, flowers, eyeballs, and so on. It’s been in Juxtapoz magazine, and it’s featured on the Redbubble building in San Francisco. I’m pretty attached to it.

How does one pick a favorite child among many? I’m sure I even want to know the answer to that. All my paintings feel like my children, even though they may leave to go live with their own families. If I felt compelled to answer this question I’d say, my favorite painting is my next one.

My all-time favorite is from a few years ago. I’d just transitioned into jewelry fabrication, and was struggling to define what I wanted to do, how I would put my design aesthetic into a whole new way of making jewelry. My creative voice felt very small and indistinct. I had a gemstone with an interesting pattern across it, and (long story short) I ended up replicating that pattern with metal. It was the beginning of my “metal mosaics” and allowed me to set myself apart a little, to work with something that was very “me”. I’ve had offers to buy that necklace, but it’s one I’ll never part with. It means too much.

BUTCH OGELSBY, Photography
Not really. My favorite piece is almost always the one I just created.

I don’t play favorites with my art, as they are made for other people, I would be choosing one group of people over another: those who enjoy landscape over those who perfer abstraction.

Yes a mix of steel and plaster it sold last year at Magic City

I just finished a collaboration with my son Marshall, a recent art school grad. I had an idea that “Zardoz the Fortune Teller” took the night off work and Hank Williams showed up to take over and dispense advice. Marshall owed me some money–imagine that–so I indentured his knowledge of light and mechanics, and we made a kinetic sculpture aptly titled “Ask Hank.” It was great to make art with my son, and hope it is the first of many.

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