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Magic City Art Connection beckons you into the woods for Art Bash 2015!

Once Upon A Forest
February 21, 2015
in another cool Birmingham space!
3116 4th Avenue South
(located west adjacent to the veterinary clinic on the corner of 4th Avenue South and 32nd Street)
Special thanks to Barber Companies, Inc. for hosting Art Bash 2015!

About Art Bash
Art Bash is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s super fun, totally fresh & creative, plus helps build excitement and support for the free contemporary art festival happening April 24-26 in Linn Park. Art Bash is never in the same place twice, making each year a fun, new discovery for everyone in attendance. Come see how “another cool Birmingham space” will be transformed Art Bash-style.



*** All tickets include food & drink and party activities.***

$125 Single Lottery
Ticket includes one (1) work of art
art selection chosen by patron through fun lottery game

$175 Couples Lottery
Ticket includes one (1) work of art.
art selection chosen by patron through fun lottery game

$50 Forager
Forager ticketholders can bid on art in the auction.

The Art Salon
Feel the excitement build as the Art Lottery game unfolds! Special thanks to the exhibiting and local artists who have graciously donated artwork for the fundraiser’s art salon.

  • Lottery tickets include a work of art. The Lottery ends at 8:30pm.
  • Forager tickets can bid on art in the auction. The Silent Auction will end at about 9:15pm. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Lottery ticketholders trump all Space Walker ticketholder’s bids in the art auction until 8:30pm, at which time the Lottery game will be closed.

Art Bash Guest Portraits with Liesa Cole & Tony Rodio of Omni Studio
Pose on our eerie forest set for Art Bash’s 8th annual collaboration with award winning photographer, Liesa Cole, and her partner Tony Rodio of Omni Studio. Over the last 8 years, Magic City Art Connection’s partnership with this amazing photography duo has created a series of amazing guest portraits unique to Art Bash. They are highly coveted each year and always one-of-a-kind.

Read about Liesa’s latest accolades from being chosen as 2014 ADDY’s Photographer of the Year to her 1st Prize at the Photography Masters Conference in Grado, Italy to photographing the Dalai Lama during his recent trip to Birmingham.

Scroll to bottom of this page for a look at some of the great images captured by Liesa and Tony at past Art Bash fundraisers.

Alex Kunzman, Magic City Art Connection

Space Design
Christophe Nicolet
Jon Woolley, Little Forest Design

Guest Portrait Set Design
Jon Woolley, Little Forest Design

Katie & John Gaiser, a Married Couple

Music Soundtrack
LBTV™ aka Drew Price

Hors d’ oeuvres and culinary bites
We’re partnering with a variety of Birmingham restaurants and caterers to feature some deliciously creative dishes, some forage-inspired, like Chez Lulu and Continental Bakery’s famous Garlic Peasant Soup. Yum! Special thanks to all of these culinary sponsors!

B & A Warehouse
Catering by LaNetta
Nabeel’s Café & Market
The J.Clyde
Yarbrough Food Services

assorted wines from International Wines

Craft Beer 
by Cahaba Brewing Company

Signature Cocktail
by mixologist Jess Parsons of Carrigan’s Public House downtown on Morris Avenue

Royal Cup Coffee

Whether you dream in fairytales or myths or stay firmly planted in the natural world, the forest is beckoning. Our enchanted woodland will be the perfect playground for any time period. Come peasant or aristocrat. Hero or villain. Human, animal, nature, or hybrid. Let the mysteries of the forest inspire your attire!

Other keywords for inspiration:

  • contemporary, vintage or period
  • etherial, light
  • dark, eerie, mysterious
  • layered
  • bare, winter
  • torn, tattered
  • organic, natural
  • dramatic

Please Note: Dressing up for Art Bash’s theme is encouraged, but always OPTIONAL. There is no wrong way to participate. Diversity of attire is encouraged. Surprise us!

Styling Station:

We’re making plans for a self-styling station with props, accessories and embellishments to help guests round off their camera ready look.

Also talking to Magic City Face Art about being there to embellish patron looks for the forest-inspired theme. These styling features and details TBA soon!

Coat Check
A self check coat area for partygoers will be available.

4th Avenue South is a one way heading east. There are several nearby lots on the corner of 4th Avenue and 32nd Street with ample parking in walking distance of venue.

Security in place for the fundraiser party.

Proceeds Support
Proceeds from Art Bash support art educational programming free for 1200 Birmingham city schools’ 4th graders attending Magic City Art Connection’s (MCAC) Imagination Festival Friday program of interactive workshops and art experiences, plus thousands more children over the 3 day contemporary art festival. Thanks for your support and patronage!

Sponsors & Partners
Barber Companies, Inc.
Continental Bakery and Chez Lulu
Joe Piper, Inc.
Magic City Face Art
Omni Studio
Special Ocassions

Enjoy these guest portraits by Liesa Cole of Omni Studio from Once Upon a Forest.
Plus keep scrolling for more one-of-a-kind portraits from this 9 year Art Bash collaborative series with Omni Studio.

 3009 3rd Avenue South – Former NorDys Gallery

 2213 1st Avenue South – Currently Birmingham Legion FC, Former Kathy Harris Interiors

Midnight in Paris
1914 Third Avenue North – Burger Phillips Bldg – Currently Botanica, Formerly Burger Phillips Department Store

2924 3rd Ave South  – Currently Hop City, Formerly Nelson-Brantley Glass

Gaga for Art Bash
 2400 7th Avenue South – Currently Dread River Distilling, Formerly Peck & Hills Antiques

Pistons & Pinups
115 South 35th Street – formerly Old Car Heaven

Silver Leafed
corner of 12th Street & 1st Avenue North – Tillman Levenson building

Sake to Me
corner of 3rd Avenue South & 22nd Street – Former Tom Williams BMW Showroom

41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024