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Birmingham, Alabama

Abstract painter, Chloe York earned her BFA from Memphis College of Art in 2012. She has displayed her work in over 100 group and solo exhibitions throughout the mid-South and her solo exhibit, Decorators was named one of Memphis’s top ten visual art exhibits for 2013. She was awarded Best in Show at the 2021 Magic City Art Connection in Birmingham, AL and has created work for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Chloe’s eye catching pieces draw their whimsical inspiration from the cherished seaside memories of her childhood. As a young girl, Chloe’s family built and lived in a beach house in the Bahamas where she first discovered her love for the underwater world. Her family soon moved to the landlocked state of Kentucky where Chloe grew up, but they would always travel back to the shore a couple of times each year.

Inspired by the colorful environment of tropical towns and nature’s aquatic masterpieces, Chloe combined the beauty she saw around her with a bit of artistic magic and developed her charming visual vocabulary of saturated colors, meticulous patterns, and organic shapes. Chloe’s paintings all start as a background of solid color, then she adds on the large shapes, and then finishes the piece off with small details and patterns. Layering is an important element of Chloe’s work and allows her to create pieces that are harmoniously both dimensionless and elaborate.

She currently resides in Birmingham, AL with sculptor, Eric Quick and ferocious daughter, Echo in their shared home and studio.

Paintings from Chloe’s Decorator Series:


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“Her technique is meticulous, her sense of color superb, her thought processes both contemplative and provocative, and the pieces are imbued with beauty that is sometimes quiet, sometimes splashy. What more could a gallery owner or a collector ask for?” -Fredric Koeppel, Art Review, The Commercial Appeal

“I was so captivated by the masterful use of pattern in her work as well as the contrast of her very scientific subject matter and playful, candied colors.” -Amy Hartelust, fellow artist

“Her work is alive with color, pattern, movement and an undeniable energy!” -Christian Nelius, interior designer

“York is one of the best painters around, capable of handling the most intricate detail and maintaining an impeccable surface. Virtues enhanced by a fertile imagination.” -Fredric Koeppel, Art Review, The Commercial Appeal


41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024