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“John Lytle Wilson is a Birmingham, Alabama-based artist known for colorful paintings of animals and robots. Born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, John received a BFA from Birmingham-Southern College and an MFA from Florida State University, after which he served as Artist in Residence at 621 Gallery. He has since built a national and international exhibition record and has been featured in publications such as New American Paintings and Oxford American, which included him in 100 Under 100: The New Superstars of Southern Art.

My paintings stem from my interest in the power of images. From advertising and product design to museum pieces and iconography, we have long used imagery to attract, convert, and sell. I see these modern and ancient examples as segments of a larger continuum of images. I choose animal and robot imagery as stand-ins for traditional human subject matter. These also allow me to explore issues such as consciousness, free will and mortality.”

To see other artwork by John including more from his Corrected Paintings Series where he paints his robots, animal subjects, and storylines into existing works of art and thrift store paintings, click here to visit his website.



History of Magic City Art Connection Poster Artists & Graphic Designers:

  • 2018, Lisa Krannichfeld, Little Rock, AR, Watercolor
  • 2017, Celeste Amparo Pfau, Birmingham, AL, Printmaking
  • 2016, Paul Kremer, Houston, TX, Painting
  • 2015, Ramiro Gomez, Los Angeles, CA, Painting
  • 2014, Chad Moore, Birmingham, AL, Photography
  • 2013, Christopher Davis, Birmingham, AL, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing
  • 2012, Jiha Moon, Atlanta, GA, Painting
  • 2011, Matthew Chambers, Los Angeles, CA, Painting
  • 2010, Dan Tague, New Orleans, LA, Mixed Media
  • 2009, Skylar Fein, New Orleans, LA, Mixed Media
  • 2008, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, New York City, NY, Digital Art
  • 2007, Jess Marie Walker, Montevallo, AL, 2D Mixed Media
  • 2006, Breane & John Trest, Birmingham, AL, 2D Mixed Media
  • 2005, Jon Coffelt, New York City, NY, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
  • 2004, Tim Reed, Chattanooga, TN, Sculpture
  • 2002, Weezie Thornton, Graphic Designer
  • 2002, Bill Nelson, Birmingham, AL, Wood
  • 2001, Dale Jarrett, Mission, KS, Drawing
  • 2000, Fred McGann, Richmond, VA, Photography
  • 1999, Bethanne B. Hill, Birmingham, AL, Painting
  • 1998, Banister Pope, Boone, NC, Pastel
  • 1997,  Jim Burnett, Birmingham, AL, Painting
  • 1996, Dori & Joe DeCamillis, Birmingham, AL, Painting
  • 1995, Catherine Chew, Birmingham, AL, Painting
  • 1994, Charles Collins
  • 1993, Charles Collins, Illustration
  • 1992, Tim Clark, Illustration
  • 1991, Unknown…searching!
  • 1990, Marcia Unger and Charles Collins collaboration, Mixed Media
  • 1989, Alice Pederson, Illustration & design
  • 1988, Mary Trechsel
  • 1987, Francis Knueppel, Painting
  • 1986, Sue Walther, Graphic Design
  • 1985, Sue Walther, Graphic Design
  • 1984, Sue Walther, Graphic Design

41st Annual MCAC

April 26-28, 2024